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Our Philosophy

We Believe that artistic education is a really important step in the lives of everyone. It open doors to creativity and curiosity, to a healthy cultural path. We are passionate teachers and artists who love to teach people of any age, background and level of profiecency. 

Akademia Hollywood offers music classes, art and theatre classes in Tirana. During the academic year Akademia Hollywood has set different dates for shows and recitals, where each student is invited to participate. This would give a more of a hand on experience of what the stage is and what to be prepared at your best mean. We strive to give you the best art education in the city, and we are proud to have always maintained a sense of community. 

Our Story

Akademia Hollywood was founded on January 2009, when Klodeta, our director returned from Los Angeles to open up a school and community of music lovers. Since then, Akademia Hollywood has become a big family for lots of young musicians and their peers.

Music, Theater, Ballet, Arts

It is important that art becomes a part of your daily life. Surely, after your first art/music lessons, it would be a part of you forever. 

Who’s who at Akademia Hollywood?

Office Staff, Volunteers, Teachers, Ambassadors, Artists

Alma Koruti, Amarda Suli, Arven Pjetri, Besa Breca, Elinor Butka, Enela Mastori, Enrico Sesselego, Eralda Tase, Emiljan Dhimo, Erda Kaçeli, Erjon Medha, Julian Koçaj, Kamela Islamaj, Kejsi Tola, Klodi Hidri, Klodeta Buzi, Kristi Ndrio, Luis Kapllanaj, Sonila Kapidani, Shkëlzen Berisha, Vladimir Tota, etj.

Music Lessons

Music Lessons are given each week on a set time and are individual lessons. Mostly students follow lessons twice a week, but it all depends on time and budget. Individual lesson varies from 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  Music lessons are given in: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Vocal, Bass, Cello, etc,.


Rock 101
Music Education




Every monday night and every saturday morning, for 60 minutes different classes are scheduled for different group ages. 3 times a year, the students prepare for a show.


Every Wednesday or Friday at 17:30 kids of ages 4, 5 or 6 could attend the music appreciation class called Muz. It’s a great way to introduce kids to music.


Rock101 is a band class which teaches kids how to play in a band set up. This class is offered mostly to enrolled students of Akademia Hollywood

After some weeks attending the acting classes, I can tell you that I finally found friends who believe in what I believe and who have the same passions as me. I can truly say, I found the friends I was looking for.

Acting Class
Class C

We Are Open WeekDays 15:00 – 20:00 and on Saturdays 10:00 – 14:00

Akademia Hollywood

  • Qemal Stafa Street 206
  • 04 224 7862
  • 069 22 111 58
  • akademiahollywood@gmail.com

Qemal Stafa Street







Stage is what brings artists together. Akademia Hollywood wants to remind this to all students, so we try our best to book different dates throughout the academic year for recitals, shows and exhibitions.

You can find all our dates posted on the bulletin board at the School.

Musicians get prepared for Recital Concerts, the Unplugged and the Rock Concert. Also, we do host for years the big show of “Fete de la Musique” each 21st June where more than 50 kids jump on stage to rock the city.

Përveç koncerteve, Akademia Hollywood organizon disa herë në Vit takimin me studentët të dielave për BBQ. 

Gjithashtu në bashkëpunim me shumë institucione në Tiranë, studentët e Akademisë Hollywood janë pjesëmarrës në shumë Aktivitete të ndryshme në Tiranë.

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Summer time at Akademia Hollywood

After the third week of June, students are invited to attend our daily summer camps who are perfect for kids who love music, arts and theatre.

Working at Akademia Hollywood

We are always looking for motivated individuals, who love teaching and have experience in it. We do follow a first come first serve interview and tests for everyone who applies. So if you are interested, drop us an email with your CV and a motivation letter, and we’ll set an appointment to get to know you! info @ akademiahollywood.com

Music Lessons are paid monthly from September to the Third Week of June. For classes longer than 45 minutes, or for semi individuals classes, please contact us for the prices.
There’s a rebate of 10% for the first sibling and 15% for the second one. Each students who’s enrolled in individual classes get up to 33% rebate on group classes.

Kliko në flamur për gjuhën Shqipe

Rruga Qemal Stafa 206, Tiranë
069 22 11158